Best Material Handling Equipment in 2020


No matter if you're a retailer, manufacturer or anywhere in between; if your facility handles material you always need to use the newest and most efficient handling equipment. Operating expenses can be drastically reduced from the bottom to the top. Furthermore, the demand for material handling equipment is expected to rise by almost 11% in 2020 alone. By staying up to date on the latest innovations in handling products your company might be able to take the competitive reign in your industry this year.

Without further due, let's take a look at some of the best industrial material handling products in 2020. Supply chain processes like Cross-Docking are taking retailers numbers through the roof, strategic improvements to truck docking facilities can drastically reduce inventory movement, and could even eliminate inventory delays. Strip curtains and Strip Door kits are a great solution when constructing a docking process layout. Strip curtains act as an easy access point to unload inventory off of trucks and straight into the warehouse. Dock bumpers, barricades, ramps, and gates remain pretty standard whereas no major technological advancements have been made to this equipments.

When transporting or handling materials it is important to consider factors such as weight, size, and the number of people or resources required to do so effectively. For example, if your handling process takes the most time to take inventory off shelves it might be a good idea to research better Storage Bins, Transportation Carts/Forklifts, and even flow racks.

Flow Racks are among the top best industrial material handling equipments in 2020 for the fact that it can increase productivity and output efficiency of manufacturers by 100%. Flow Racks require half the labor and reduce inventory clutter. Overtime Flow Racks could even prove to eliminate some handling expenses completely.

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